Coping With the Death of a Pet

Emotions can get pretty uncontrollable when a pet dies. You probably expect to feel sad, but you may have other emotions, too. For example, you may feel angry if your friends don’t seem to realize how much losing your pet means to you. Or perhaps you feel guilty that you didn’t spend more time with your pet before he or she died. It’s natural to feel a range of emotions when a pet dies.

If you’re like a most people, you have probably had people tell you, “Sorry, but it’s not that bad, it was only an animal, not a family member.” BUT NO, dogs are one of the biggest family members of your family! So is it normal to get upset over the death of a pet? Of course. But remember, you can’t be upset for the rest of your life, you need to (eventually) realize that everyone has their time, no matter how important they are, remember, God is looking after them before you come and get them. After all, by the time we reach our teenage years , many of us have grown up with our pets, and they’re part of the family. Just like losing a family member, when a pet dies people can go through a long and rough period of sorrow.

But, just because our long loved family member is gone, doesn’t mean that we cannot get another one, your prior dog would probably want to to get another dog, then have you be sad forever! Keep in mind that if you have a family (Epically with children) you may not all have the same time tables, so then that means, you might be ready for a new dog, but you daughter will not, or they other way around your daughter might want to get a new dog right away, but her parents might not be ready, so everyone should be respectful about that. For most people, you have to wait at least two months before you think about getting a new dog, but remember IT’S OKAY TO GET A NEW DOG! Many people feel that they will be known as
“self-centered” of selfish if they get another dog. Some people try to make you feel bad, for instance, if the say: “Ugh, I knew you didn’t truly love you old dog, that’s why you got a replacement!” Don’t ever listen to that! They might just want you to get rid of the dog, because they don’t like it!
But you should decide, on what you think the best decision is (as a family) for you and/or your family, what would they want, what would your dog want, and most importantly, what would you want?


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