Assembling Your Lab’s first aid kit

To prepare for emergencies, assemble a first aid kit for your Lab.  Keep it next to or near your human first aid kit( and if you don’t have a human first aid kit, you might want to make them both at the same time.)  Make sure everyone in the family and pet sitters know where the first aid is kept.  Be sure to keep it well stocked at all times, and if you ever use up any of the supplies, replace them immediately!  Your Lab’s first aid kit should contain the following items:

  • Gauze pads and strips to use as bandages (tape does not stick very well, so be sure to have strips long enough to tie a bandage around any part of the body).
  • Cloth strips to use as a muzzle (make sure they are strong).  Practice wrapping the strips around your dogs muzzle a few times and then tying them around his head, but DON’T leave the muzzle on of course, the last thing you want your dog to do is to fear it(an injured dog, no matter how well trained, may bite out of pain).
  • A large sheet on which you could carry your dog , like on a stretcher.
  • A blanket big enough to keep your dog warm
  • A tourniquet rod ( for emergency bleeding situations)
  • Hydrogen peroxide, for cleaning a wound
  • Syrup of ipecac to induce vomiting
  • Mineral oil for use as laxative.  Give 1 teaspoon for puppies under 25 pounds, 1 tablespoon if your dog is 25-50 pounds.

I did not put all of the supplies in this list, but if you want to make one you can click on this to go to a website that has a good long list.  Or if you don’t have the time to put together (which I don’t) a dog first aid kit, you can just purchase one online, or a local pet supply store.  I would honestly recommend just buying one because assembling one seems like a lot of work!  Here is a  picture of what one you buy would look like:

Dog CPR video


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