Air travel with Lab’s

Traveling by air?  Try to leave your dog at home, unless you can’t avoid taking them with you.  All dogs who are too big to fit in a crate under the passengers seat (that would be your Lab) must ride in the cargo area of the plane.  There is no air conditioning or heat in cargo, and some dogs die during air travel, usually due to overheating when flights are delayed.

If you absolutely must bring your lab with you during air travel, take the following precautions:
  • Make a reservation (there will be a fee) and confirm it .  Actually, confirm it twice!
  • Take direct flights only.  Transfers greatly increase the chances of something going wrong
  • Don’t put your lab into his/her airline-approved crate until absolutely necessary, and be sure to take them for a potty brake just before you put them into there crate.

Here is a video that I watched and is very good on    Pet Air Travel “click” for video !    Enjoy and let me know how you liked anything as always!!—Adam

WAIT!!!!!! I also just found this other video of a new PET AIRLINE!!!!! Pet Airways So cool, an airline for dogs!!  I am so telling my parent’s!!




One Response to “Air travel with Lab’s”

  1. Helena Says:

    I was just wondering if you take your lab that’s not a puppy you can’t take a normal carrying the crate can you I mean try lifting and carrying your lab! So anyways I was wondering are there crates with four wheels because you also can’t do two wheels because the poor lab would get squished at the back of the crate partly flipped at an angle.


    My blog is

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