How to Groom your Labrador retriever

How to groom your Labrador retriever.   The smooth, short-haired, double coat is easy to groom. Comb and brush regularly with a firm, bristle brush, paying attention to the undercoat. Bathe or dry shampoo only when necessary. These dogs are average shedders.  Please, if you tried this idea please let me know how it worked.  And here is a link to one of my favorite dog websites.  It gives you some more tips on how to keep your Labrador retriever  healhty, their avarge life span, average weght, height and more.  Also, please tell me if you enjoy the website.    Here is the link  :  

Thanks!!Thanks, Adam!!


21 Responses to “How to Groom your Labrador retriever”

  1. ashleyd3 Says:

    Adam, I like the way that you instead talk about the dog breed that you talked about it’s lifestyle, coat, and i love your link.

  2. jackie11 Says:

    I did not have to even read your blog to say, THAT WAS AWESOME! Your picture is so cute!

  3. Ali Says:

    AWEEEE! THAT DOOGY IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I have a lab and he is the cutest thing ever, when we give him a bath he… well… lets just say he is stronger than all of us! So we tr to put off bathing as much as we can, sadly we are going to have to give him one when the wheather gets warmer! -Ali
    P.S. Jed want me to say hi to Jed for him.

    • adam14 Says:

      My dog, Jed, does not like water when it comes to bathing either. Once, when he was a puppy, we tried to give him a bath but that did not work out so well, he jumped out of the bath tub, ran upstairs, and shook all of the suds and water off him in the living room. My mom was pretty mad.-Adam

  4. cy32 Says:

    Hi Adam this is Cassidy your blog is so cool would you tell people to get one or do you think that there is a better kind of dog than a black lab?

    • adam14 Says:

      I would recommend them to people. The Labrador is a dog that will curl up in bed with you, play all day, and, they love to swim, trust me on that part.

  5. helena15 Says:

    Adam I have a black lab her name is Midnight. Anyway to get to the point I tried your idea it works. Also I would like to say that you should like you said just wash them when they really need it. They don’t enjoy it. Did you know that labs also get more ear infections than most dogs?

  6. helena15 Says:

    Adam I forgot to mention that if you want any help on black labs I know a lot about them.

  7. dulce Says:

    so cute

  8. SAM Says:

    Hi Adam
    I’m getting a new black labrador retriever and i’m stuck on names.
    Have you got any ideas

  9. SAM Says:

    also its a boy

  10. Moumita Says:

    Trinka was a very cute,adorable,sweet darling of mine.I used the tense “was” cos I have lost her very recently(just this Friday 17.12.10).Im missing her a looooooot.Her each & every gesture was very sweet…..the way she used to wake me up,the way she used to leap on me to greet me,the way she used to feel jealous when I used to coax Dad,the way she used to shake her hand,the way she used to console me when I used to cry….the list will be endless…..she was just like my first baby,but now I have lost her & alas!this loss is a huge one & is forever……now all I can do is just pray for her well-being in the next world……may u R.I.P shone…..luv u lots & missing sooooo much 😦

    • adamq14 Says:

      Oh my Gosh, could I use parts of your story for My next post, is Moumita your real name. It is going to be on unique characters of Labradors! Trinka is in a wonderful place!

  11. Janina Vela Says:

    Hi! My dog’s name is Vanilla. She is a black lab too. Your idea really works! Thanks!

  12. Jack Journet Says:

    Me and my lady have a 15 week old black girl she’s so gorgeous and so so playful love her little Missy her name is. ;-))

  13. Megan Says:

    Where do your get your pictures for your blog? One of them is, I’m sure, my black lab, Frida.

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